Saturday, April 25, 2015

No Set-ups Allowed in General Parking !  (ie: X-pens and tables) 

There is a crate and grooming room inside the hotel which will open each day at 6:00AM.  There are no set-ups allowed in the general parking area.  If you need or want to set-up a grooming station or xpen area outside you must reserve space in Overnight Parking.  Overnight Parking spaces are $35/night, however, anyone who leaves their space clean will receive a rebate of $10/night by mail after the event is over.

Overnight parking can be reserved and paid for online see "Parking".  Online reservations for Parking will close on Friday Oct.27th at 10:00PM.  Spaces can be reserved during the event for CASH ONLY based on availability.


No Crates or X-Pens are allowed in the Show Ring Room ! 

There will be a special room set aside for crates, xpens and grooming tables.  This room will open each day at 6:00 AM.  The Ring Room will open each day at 7:00AM.  Due to space limitations, no crates, xpens and grooming tables are permitted in the ring room. 


SAVE THE DATES: October 30th - November 2nd 

(Costume Contest starts on Monday Oct.29th)


The 2012 American Boxer Club Regional Specialty


Radisson Airport Hotel,  Ontario, California